Social Events

Social activities are a great way to bond with sisters, while getting to know others in the Greek community. Delta Gammas at NC State enjoy social events with a variety of other groups on campus, as well as several other functions through out the school year. In addition to our Mother's Brunch, Father/Daughter event, and Parents' Pig Pickin', we have date functions throughout each semester. The traditional date events we look forward to include Winter Semi-Formal, both a Halloween and Valentine’s Day themed party, Formal, and our Senior Send-Off (a themed party that celebrates our graduating seniors). 

Along with date functions, we plan many events throughout the year that allow us to meet members of other sororities and fraternities, including taking dancing lessons, playing laser tag, and making care packages for deployed soldiers. 

Regardless of the event, DGs love getting together for a good cause or just for a good time. We try to make the best of our college years by making memories that will last a lifetime with the sisters we won’t ever forget.